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The Dodge Avenger name returned in February 2007 as a 2008 model year sedan to replace the Dodge Stratus, whose coupe version had replaced the original Avenger in 2001.

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Driver seat headrest protruded

Driver seat headrest protruded from regular position.

Had to slam on brakes and the headrest popped up. So rather than looking like the passenger side it is sticking out by 3-4 inches more. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

I'll add a photo asap

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Try pushing it down. Here’s a really poorly shot video on doing it:


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Okay, there is a sensor in the headrest. So since it is already popped up, dodge can't do anything about it. It has to be replaced completely. Which costs around $200-300. So going to go am alternative route to get this fixed


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Yes look at the back really good there is a little metal rod make sure it’s in the middle in place were it goes , with you seating in the back seat pull back and push down it will click in place look at it so you can see where and how it works not hard to do just be careful it’s plastic will break and if it’s all ready broken then go to the salvage yard and get one from there . Look at the two piston there black plastic when you pull back they clear the side and will go down for you to snap back in place hope this helps

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