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WHP or RSN #

Where do I find this number on my printer in order to set up wire less printing??

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To set the printer up for wireless printing, turn the printer on, and make sure that the control panel shows "Wireless on". Press the Wireless button to change this setting if necessary. It will likely ask you for your wifi password. Input the password.

Now go to your computer and install the printer software. When it asks you for the type of connection, choose network rather than USB cable. Follow the instructions shown on the screen. At some point you will be prompted to select your printer. If it isn't shown in the list of printers, click the button to scan again. If it still doesn't show up, tell it you want to install a network printer via the USB cable. It will instruct you to plug in the cable. It will then do all of the necessary network setup for you, and it will then tell you to remove the USB cable.

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not really because my chrome books shows the printer but then asks for a password PSK or WAP or RSN where would I find that numbers??


I didn't know you had a Chromebook. I have no experience with Chromebook. Also, I have no idea what the WHP or RSN # are.


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