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The sixth generation Grand Prix, a front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Pontiac, a division of GM. Sold in both coupe and sedan configurations.

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Why is my gas gauge read wrong

My gas gauge only reads full or empty nothing between whys that?

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this could be caused by a bad fuel gauge sending unit. It is part of your fuel pump module assembly and is inside the tank. There should be an access panel on the right side of the trunk where you could get to the pump module.  There is also the possibility that this is related to the gauge itself. I’d get the OBD scanned and see if it throws a code. Just to make sure there is nothing else going on. If your Grand Prix has a low fuel light that usually comes on but has stopped working as well, then it is your sending unit. If that light still comes on, it’s your gauge.

If you want to check it with a meter [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3JbIlQq...|this video should help.

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I thought it was my sending unit but my low fuel light still comes on so that means it’s the gauge


@kylan_huffine yes and most likely because the sending unit would provide the signal for the lamp as well.


So would I need a new stepper motor or something esle?


@kylan_huffine let me find the wiring diagram and layout of the instrument panel. It is possible that you have an issue the panel itself.


When my gauge is at full it’s past it and when I’m at empty it’s past it like they don’t line up with f and the E


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