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Model number: IMW477-DR. This bluetooth speaker features an IP67 rated waterproof design with an on-board microphone. Available in black, blue, gray, green, and red.

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How to replace usb charge port. Where are these parts to buy

How do I replace the USB charge port and where do you find these parts in these pictures

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Mine is broken currently and soldering the USB charge port back on looks like a pretty difficult venture.


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@pinkxster looks like it may be a fairly standard micro USB charging port. Open it up using these guides Altec Lansing Mini Lifejacket 2 Repair . Check if the port is just loose on the board and may be it can be soldered back in position. Replacement ports are available at places like this or on here. Check videos like this and this one to see what is involved with that.

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Puerto de carga averiado


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