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What does the missing chip do

== Hello i have a Samsung 1x 8GB DDR4-2133p that lost a chip==

the problem is that under shipping one of the small chips on the backside for it got damaged, and i wound if it could be fixed or if it's just trash now.

i have add 2 pic of the ram in questing, with a working par about the one that lost its chip in the first pic

Block Image

Block Image

Link to the Ram from samsung.


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LoD-RoG  those are resistors and, unless you can measure the one next to it, pretty impossible to replace.

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Your right! Its a dual resistor. It is 4-pin resistor array, two resistors, value 15 ohms each


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Sorry to say getting one of these small inductor coils will be difficult, likely not salvageable.

You said it came off during shipping. What this loosely packed and mailed? if that is the case I would see if shipper has insurance or if the seller will accept it as a return,

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