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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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Why wont my apps open

My ipod touch 3rd Gen apps "Fox News" closes as soon as i open it.

please help

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I would try deleting and re-installing the App. Also check to see that the App is compatible with your current firmware.

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I've had several apps that have downloaded but will not open.. as majesty says my firmware is older than that of the app. I'd check the firmware that the app needs to operate as this is probably the culprit.


Thanks for the info guys, I think your advice will work.


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There are several reasons, recently a friend of mine had the same problem because it was jailbroken (some stupid issues, may be) but later on I suggested him to go back to official firmware and the apps loaded. If you could tell me whether its jailbroken or not, I could be more specific

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