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Dies ist die neueste Generation des EliteBook 840 Modells. Der EliteBook 840 G5 ist ein 2018 von HP hergestellter Laptop.

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What quality is the thermal paste on this laptop?

Hello, does this laptop come with good thermal compound from factory ? Do you think it's worth replacing it with Artic silver or is it good enough as it is.

Second question is about the thermal pad on the cooler assembly...can it be scrubbed completly and just put Artic Silver instead ? Will the cooler assembly still make good contact with the die if i remove the pad?

Thank you

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This is a new laptop, so I'm guessing that the thermal compound is fresh so basically ok - it should work well for the first year or so.

But if you really wish to replace the thermal compound anyway, do replace it with something high quality, like Arctic Silver.

The pads should be replaced with new pads, but you can also use the paste, it will make as good a contact as before, just make sure the screws of the heatsink are screwed all the way.

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Thanks for the answer Alex, i'm asking this because usually laptops (including Macs) come with very low paste quality so by changing it maybe i can shave off a few degrees especially that mine has also an AMD gpu besides the CPU.

The thermal pads as a general rule are worse than paste so it's better to just rip it off, clean the spot and apply good quality paste instead.


I agree leave things alone until the warranty has expired.

Yes all of the hardware makers use cheap thermal paste! They look at this way as soon as the warranty expires its on you ;-}

While many people don't push their systems to the thermal edge others do! If you are one thats likely to push it, then it does make sense opening it up to redo the paste and give your system a good dust out (lets say two years from now).


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@sergiu - I don't agree on the pads! While you are correct the thermal transmission of many pad materials are not as transmissive as thermal paste, that’s not the real issue!

Thermal paste is intended to be filler to fill in the micro pores of the heat sink and the chip cover so more heat can be transferred. Keep in mind the thinner the coating the better!

Here the pads fill a bigger void between the VRAM chips and the GPU heat sink. Thermal paste is not designed to fill this gap and is less transmissive at these thicknesses! So you can’t do a Apples to Apple comparison as each serves a different role.

So please use pads where they are required on VRAM chips! Use paste on CPU's and GPU's

Now here’s the bump! There is a gapping thermal paste which is CR#P! Apple was one of the first to use it and many manufactures have followed. Please! Don't try using the CPU/GPU paste when you see this, replace it with pads! FYI - The pad is more transmissive than this junk paste!

You should use a gap gage to measure the space dry fitting the heat sink to pick the correct pad size for your VRAM chips as different makers chips often need different sizes.

Here's something new which I've been thinking on giving a try: Graphite Thermal Pad

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Thanks Dan for the good advise regarding pads and VRAM chips.


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