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Device and repair guides for the RCA 10 Viking Pro, an Android tablet with detachable keyboard that can be identified by model number RCT6303W87 DK.

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Are there Android OS Updates

Is it possible to update the Android 5.0 OS that is currently on this tablet to a newer Android OS?

The tablet has not offered an OS update on its own and when I check it says it has the latest version Android 5.0 , however Oreo 8 is the most recent Android OS at this writing.

Is there a way to update, even just to Android 6 or 7.

I assumed when I purchased this tablet from Amazon that since it wasn't connected to a service provider I would be able to update the OS at least once or twice.

Searching Google has provided no answer.

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Have you selected firmware update in the about tablet section?


Yes, there is no firmware updates available.


RCA Customer Service says this tablet does not have a firmware update option available...so it will be eternally stuck with OS Android 5.0.


So if RCA doesn't offer any software / firmware updates or upgrades for their product,a person would have to be rather stupid to buy anything from RCA. BY THE WAY!- Today's generation doesn't know the RCA company that I grew up with in the 50s , 60s. Back then RCA was on the top of the trusted and respected list of companies that had a reputation for putting out high quality products. That's when they made their products in the USA. Today everything RCA is from some strange little factory in the ROC,


I totally agree with you. RCA back in the day was great. What company today makes a product you can’t update. I won’t buy another tablet from them.


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There is nothing stupid about having bought this tablet MR. A.M.C. S in the comments..............yes yes we all know how RCA used to be the big trusted top o' the line products, and yes we all know they didnt stay with the times and fell behind (sound familiar) and had to sell out the company thus becoming the cheap products they are now. Yup even some of us "younger generation" know this. To correctly answer this question, and maybe teach some more of you older guys you dont know everythig, would take more time than i have right now, however i will try to sum it up. MR Amon, yes you can update to a newer version of the android OS even though RCA has not released any new firmware for this device. The way to do this then would be to (1) ROOT the device. (2) Installl a custom OS such as LINEAGE for example I think are running android 10 last I heard .........There are serveral ways of doing so, be it through your computer or the tablet itself either using a downloaded app or program, or though using the cmd prompt on your computer or using the androidSDK platform or through using one of the many paid services offered out there. Just search how to root, then your tablet or phone device or name or model number and you should find plenty information to walk you through how to do so......BEST PART IS, other than the paid services out there......ITS ALL FREE to download and use.

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If your interested you could always try this option to hopefully gain some improvements

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