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The Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 laptop features a 14.88" screen, brushed aluminum finish and features a i5 core processor .

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Screen Glitches sometimes when I move my mouse

I recently purchased a Dell 15R 5520 laptop and I found that occasionally, I move my mouse and the display has a bunch of artifacts.

Is this a graphics issue? if so how can I fix it?


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Hi @dootdoot

Connect an external monitor and check if its' display is also affected.

If so (and if it happens often enough) try starting the laptop in safe mode and check if it still happens.

What OS is installed?

Dell didn't supply drivers for this model past Win 8 64-bit so perhaps it could be a driver issue if you're using Win 10. You could try installing the Intel HD Graphics 4000 Win 10 drivers and see if that resolves the problem

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