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Scientific calculator by Casio. Widely used by students world-wide due to its great quality for the low price.

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How to repair the display

How to repair the display of a Casio FX-991ES Plus Calculator

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itIf it’s just that a line may be missing in the display or certain sections of the display is not working,


I just sent the CLASSPAD to the main CASIO repair facility, they quoted me all 3 main parts and wanted to charge me replacement cost to put the 3 parts together, I was expecting a software issue or an actual fix, I told them to send it back unrepaired and I will buy the big T.I. Your calculator is less than $30 where I live at the Mall, its popular here for students who have extra money to get this model, its the biggest offered here locally, if you cant find a used unit or the other model the other person suggested then just replace it. I doubt CASIO will send you the screen alone???


top line is missed in the display. is it software or hardware?


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Hi @angeltwayana ,

What is the problem with the display?

If it needs replacing unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find a replacement LCD screen. You may have better luck.

Given the cost of a new calculator it may be uneconomically viable to replace the screen even if you could find a replacement part.

If it’s just that a line may be missing in the display or certain sections of the display is not working, you could always try dis-assembling the calculator and inspect the display module connections to the systemboard in case it is a faulty connection that is causing the problem.

Always remove the power source or battery from electronic equipment before starting any repairs etc.

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Do you by chance know a model name/number for this particular LCD Dot Matrix Display?



Sorry I don't know.

Sometimes the make and model number on displays can be found on the back of the display itself although maybe not with Casio, judging by what can be seen in this link (see post #4) for a different Casio calculator model


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I would recommend buying an fx-82es and swapping screens, as they are the exact same screen.

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When I press equal sign then it is showing X10 in screen instead of calculating answer


Do not working fx991es my calculator. Problem do not show display.


Mera "Fx-991ES plus" Calculator ka display left side par black spot horaha hai kya kare.


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