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The Samsung HLM or HLN series is a line of projection televisions.

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The picture no longer shows picture yet still has sound. The issue?

The picture on the Samsung Slim DLP TV no longer works. It left suddenly the other day. A few days prior, it began making a slight crackling noise especially when first turned on. The sound is still in tact. Here is the TV info.

Model No. : HL-T4675S

Serial No.: AHE83CMP800808L

Version: PA01

Lamp Code: BP96-01653A (P132W)

BP 88-00633A

Model Code: HL T4675SX/XAA

Please advise of what the issue likely is and how to proceed with fixing it.

Thank you!

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With the cracking sound, I would suspect that the lamp ballast has failed. If you have a spare lamp, try that first. It is possible that the lamp has failed and made that noise. Otherwise, I would suspect the ballast. The ballast is what triggers the lamp to start similar to a starter in the older fluorescent lamps.


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