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Roomba keeps giving error 2 even when brushes are clean

have a 5xx ROOMBA keeps getting error 2 CLEAR BRUSHES. Brushes are clean and unie will work for maybe 10 - 15 minutes then get same message. when checking brushes they are clean. This keeps repeating.

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Have you tried to check the rollers carefully right after getting the error 2? For some reason Roomba is thinking that something is stuck in the robot vacuum rollers as they creating the resistance. If you have it for a while it might be that the inside gears are getting resistance from dirt. You can see in this video how to repair it.

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Argh this is an annoying error. I kept facing it as well. It’s super important to check the rollers - that is the first thing I would suggest to do. Usually, that is the problem. The rollers are probably just stuck or dirty. Otherwise, google troubleshooting for roomba. There are many guides available. I saw this one. That’s what I did.

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