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MBP won't turn on with battery attached, works when removed?

Long story short. I seem to have fixed some problems regarding malfunctioning thermal sensors on the logic board.

However, I have some new obstacles that have popped up. After reassembling all the parts (including the battery), I tried turning on the laptop, but it would not respond. No sound, chimes or display.

This has happened before just a couple of days back but I fixed it after performing a power cycle. This time though, the power cycle didn't fix the computer turning on with the battery connected.

I wrote this post with the MBP booted and working, without the battery, so there's nothing wrong with the logic board. Or is it? The moment I connect the battery, it would die again. And btw, the battery is at normal condition, connecting the charger shows proper lights and the battery indicator is working. I've tried the SMC reset and a number of key combinations, but it would simply not turn on with the battery (works without it).

Any suggestions?!


Laptop finally working. SMC reset without the battery could have solved it. Booted up without charger connected.

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the battery function is controlled by the SMC chip on the logic board. If you are 100% certain the battery is working (ideally you'd be able to test it in a different machine to confirm this), then the logic board is at fault unfortunately.

While working on the machine, were any of the chips around the battery socket knocked or damaged?

even a tiny capacitor can make a difference.

Also, was the machine a liquid spill originally? I'd suggest running it will all non-essential boot items disconnected, this includes things like the airport/BT board, isight, trackpad, battery indicator board, etc.

see how well it responds after that.

But i have seen a battery and a logic cause these symptoms before, so it really could be either, but more likely logic in this case, as it crashes when connected.

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I'm very certain that nothing could have been damaged. Have had no liquid spills on my laptop for the last 4 years since I bought it. But it certainly looks like something wrong with the logic. I might test another power cycle.


I'm accepting your answer because I think the SMC reset I did again without the battery connected fixed the startup issue. Just connected the battery and it booted up without the charger :) Thanks.


Good to hear! hopefully it is just a clean slate the SMC needed and its not an indication of another fault. Sometimes these controller chips can be a headache, as they can destabilise with the slightest error. it could have been a charger power spike for instance. But resetting it wipes errors stored previously. Perhaps the error was battery related, but doing the reset with it not fitted has managed to wipe it clean.

If the battery is at fault, it may re-occur though. it completely depends on what triggered it in the first place.


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