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9th generation of Chevrolet's full sized SUV, based on the GM GT800 platform.

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Power windows not working

2003 Chevrolet venture it started with the passenger side window not working then a couple of weeks later the driver side ok I change the driver side switch, the fuse is good , the driver side motor will turn when I have it out of the door but when I put it back in place it stops, can anyone help me out

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The motor may be fine but the regulator maybe seized. A window regulator is a cable and pulley system on tracks that raises and lowers the window. I have had this problem numerous times and it is often not the motor just the regulator. When purchasing parts the regulator and the motor are sold together and are much easier to install.

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Hey Lee.

Sounds like an issue with one of the wires or a connection. As you set the control assembly back into position the wires in the harness bend and stress, perhaps enough to compromise the integrity of either a ground wire/connection or the power wire/connection. Also, there could be a damaged ground or power wire coming in.

You may want to pull the power window control again and carefully inspect the wires and connections, checking to see if anything is loose, etc., and otherwise use a multi-meter to check for continuity through the switch (es) as you jiggle that switch’s wiring. You could also check the wiring coming into the door for voltage, again, while jiggling things around a bit, to see if you have a damaged wire in the sheath routing from the door jamb to the door.

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