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1st dead ram slot

Okay so a long time ago i had a clean-up on pc(Bcz of freezing,lag e.t.c). pc was lagging hard bzc of cooler so i decided to remove all of these parts of computer and cleaned up. When i done with these clean up i put pc part in right place so something happend my 1st ram slot was not working (BTW it was working fine untill that). Definitly checked both ram slot (2x2gb ram each side). and 1st ram slot was dead AF. tried everything changing ram (But both ram was quite well working), cleaning slots or even what i could. I searched on net but nothing was that good for work with. IK i should take to local shop for fix but i want to fix by self so any ideas that can help me to fix this problem ?

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Yes i did check everything did power off and cleaned with good quality stuff so idk why but only 1st ram slot was not working but when i put ar 2nd ram slot it is working fine (DDR2 2 GB) i didnt damaged slot checked with good light so idk what is problem. is there any chance to make it working or should i buy new motherboard ?


I have the same problem DDR4 4gb, it’s in the first slot


What cleaning action did you use..?


My RAM Slot Is Broken Because It Has A Bent Pin. Can It Fix?


yes you can I had two dead slots due to a bent pin on my p9x79 and bent the pin back, but then half of the pin broke, leaving me with I dead ram slot. smh. So fixer be warned be careful. Now ill have to HAR the socket and find a donor socket from another board. These boards are still 300 lowest and 11 years old ??‍♂️??‍♂️


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Hi @meliodas ,

What is the make and model number of the device in question?

Presumably you cleaned the RAM slots with the power disconnected from the device?

Did you clean the RAM slots? If so was it with an electronic contact cleaner spray? (although RAM slot usually don't need cleaning if the module is working OK)

Have you checked the slot, using a strong light and a magnifying glass, to ensure that you haven't damaged any of the connectors? (Do this with the power disconnected).

Check around the RAM slot in question that you haven't accidentally removed any components from the systemboard due to “cleaning”.

If you can't see anything obvious then perhaps you may have damaged a component somehow:

either electrically if the power wasn't removed during cleaning. If it is a laptop then there is power still on the systemboard as long as the battery is installed. It doesn’t have to be switched on for this,

or mechanically by the cleaning action.

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Hi @meliodas

Depending on the age of the "device" (you haven't mentioned what is is) getting a replacement motherboard may be cheaper than paying to get it fixed.


Hi, My device is PKL5-AM And it is like 4 year already maybe it is time to change it


Gtx 550 ti Quad core processor with 2 gb (Bcz of it i have now 2 gb, i had 4 gb)

Lga 775


Hi @meliodas ,

Have found a few replacement motherboards online (search for 'PKL5-AM motherboard part' to get results but the prices vary due to shipping costs) so you may wish to check this out

Considering that the board was released about 9 years ago you may be better off contemplating an upgrade to a newer PC with more RAM as 4GB is the max that it can handle and that is starting to get on the low side.


Okay soo i should chamge old pc right ? is it good idea if i sell old components and by new ones or should sell pc itself with all of its components ?


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