printer not working at all

hey guys, I need your help with my printer, so it is an hp Deskjet ink advantage 3525 , It was working pretty well until last week, I turned on my printer by plugging the cable in the electricity (my printer automatically boots up when it has a power supply) and then the printer turned on but not sound from the cartridge came out only the screen wrote [error code : 0xb222ad28], and every time the error code changes so it s driving me crazy. I tried opening the place where the cartridges are but the cartridges stayed hidden and didn't show so I can change or clean them. I nasal tried hard reseting the printer but nothing works the printer is stuck on the error screen that sometimes become a blank screen. I finally saw on google that I shouting's unplug the power cord and move every bit of electricity from the printer then connect it again but nothing work. so I really need your help guys. please help me as soon as possible

PS: none of the buttons helped me also, I tried sometimes some combinations as per button and all keys it gave me reflash 1 2 3 4 5.

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