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The Hoover LiNX is a cordless vacuum cleaner. The vacuum uses interchangeable fade-free lithium-ion batteries that allows this device to be used everywhere and on multiple floor types. The Hoover LiNX uses Hoovers WindTunnel® 3 Technology which uses three channels for suction to suck up debris.

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The dirt cup red point doesnt twrill

red arrow in dirt cup doesn't twril

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I’ve found that air pathways in the head unit (where the roller is located) get badly clogged about once/year. This usually results in a complete lack of suction and the red thing doesn’t ‘twirl.’ Take the head off (there’s a grey button to push to release it) and examine it VERY carefully. Very long tweezers can be helpful to remove any hair balls or other junk that’s trapped in the air passages. Put the head back on and try again. If no luck, remove and look again. I had to do this 3x before I located the mass of hair and dirt and other junk that was clogging the passage. After that, the vacuum was back to working perfectly.

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Bingo! After reading your suggestion to look again, I went back and kept at trying to clear stuff stuck way deep into the head unit. Using both a plastic drain clog cleaner device and a refrigerator coil brush, I was finally able to pull out an amazing amount of gunk that was hiding in the nozzle in the head. The hole opened up wider than I have ever seen it. No wonder the vacuum lacked suction. I was just about to go blow more money on buying another vacuum, thinking that this one was a piece of junk. The vacuum is now picking up okay, but the red baffle still does not spin. I am not sure why that is. I am not sure if that is important. I will see if I can find an answer .


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Twril?? Lol. Why would it twirl?

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