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Das März 2015 Update von Apples 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, Modell A1502, bietet fifth-generation Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren der 5. Generation und führt den Force Touch Trackpad ein.

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I was doing some work on my mbp, suddenly everything went blank (off)

Suddenly my mbp in mid of work goes off abruptly at once. It was not in charging, And now when am trying to turn it on it doesnt. Tried the SMC bypass, hard power cycle by putting power cable and removing while holding power button. Nothing is working, no light is flashing, no fan sound nothing! Complete Dead

one observation, I inserted my mbp charger to charge the macbook thinking my battery might be dead ... (even though am sure that it was close to 50% when it abruptly went off) .. What i Obeserve now is even after three or four hours (normal full charging time is 1.5- 2 hours) the charger is still orange/amberish and not turned green.. is it an indicator that logic board is dead? Is is the logic board that signals battery is full. Charger is moderately warm, like it should be after 2 hours and then is at normal temperature indicating the battery is charged fully (my guess) but still the amber light is on and not green.

Aprt from this nothing visible... This is my 2nd MBP in 4 years... I really am contemplating what am I doing wrong with these beasts or if these are not worth at fist place!!

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Disconnect everything from the logic board and try to start it with connected charger. If it is not start, disconnect the charger, and try to start with connected battery.

If the board still not start, most likely your board is faulty. If any of your other part faulty (like battery, keyboard, ssd etc, your board will start on this way.

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Another method to find if logic board is dead or not,..? I don't have accessory to open bmp


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Did you try any one of the following?

  • Holding boot up key combination to reset NVRAM
  • Replace Power Adaptor
  • Apple Hardware Test to diagnose any hardware issue
  • Booted up Mac in safe mode

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