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Der DeLonghi EC 155 ist eine Siebträgermaschine mit Pumpe zur Zubereitung von Espresso und Cappuccino.

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Why is my espresso weak AFTER thorough descaling?

My actual model is DeLonghi Bar 41 pump driven espresso/capuccino machine, but could not find this model as a menu option. I recently did a thorough descaling and cleaned the boiler outlet as described in the manual. For descaling, I ran about a half cup of solution through the macjine, paused about 15 min, then repeated about 5 times before running the remaining solution through the machine. After doing this, the espresso is coming out very quickly, tastes weak, and has little or no crema. I'm using the same coffee, same amount, tamping exactly the same way. Is it possible my descaling damaged the machine? Any ideas about what to do next?

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I think it might have something to do with your spring tension which might be less causing water to come out with lesser pressure. Open up the diffuser and try and stretch the spring a little bit and reassemble. That should help with the water flow.

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