Business-grade laptop released in 2009. Model Number: Latitude E5500.

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Bios password unknow on my laptop

I would like to reinstall windows on my dell latitude e5550 but I do not know the bios password to change the boot drive sequence.

The Systemem Number: CQX1P72-6FF1

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On laptop if your bios password lost and you enter wrong password many times. then you get system disabled message with some number. now not down that number and now there are many python scripts are available on online which can regenerate your bios password from this system disabled number. download those scripts as per your laptop model. it is called dell keygen software and mostly in zip format.

You can reset bios password by jumper which is on your laptop mother board or desktop mother board.

On desktop computer if your remove battery from your motherboard and reinsert it after 1 minute your bios password removed or reset to default.

There are also master password for all laptop.

at booting time press f9 this will load default and you can reset bios password. To enter bios mostly f2 is used in dell and fp for default load.

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no jumper on motherboard

Remove battery doesn't reset bios password on my laptop

and generator doesn't give me a good password


Then contact local service provider. Without resetting passcode i dont think your can boot. Still try windows recovery dvd or make a try to boot with some usb harddisk or other bootable dvd.


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