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Repair information for pogo sticks.

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Ho do I stop my pogo from spinning

I can't just jump facing one direction because the pogo stick keeps spinning to the right and I can't stop it

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Hi @smallniko ,

Can you stand on it from the other side, i.e. so the left foot is placed where the right foot was (and the right where the left was ) and you're facing the other direction?

If so does it still spin to the right when you jump?

Does the spring look twisted "at normal" so that when you push it down it then twists back when it comes back up forcing the rotational movement?

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I had the same problem. The pogo stick kept spinning it drove me nuts. thanks for the help !


Hi I tried this and all it did was make spin right and then left when before it spinned left and then right


I have no idea what u mean someone plz help me


@Swagington 35 ,

If the coil looks twisted or "spirals" around the stick, when the stick is not being used it means that when it is compressed when you push down, it will twist the stick (rotate) as it restores to its' normal position, spinning the stick (and the user).

The coil should be straight up and down around the stick so that when it is compressed it goes straight down and pushes straight back up again and doesn't twist the stick as it pushes up.

Hopefully this is a bit clearer.


Can someone please explain how to actually fix the problem , no matter what side I stand on it still spins?


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You are right swiginton35. The bottom lock stop is out of line. It is high on one side from a hard stop by a heavy person. I have the same unit as in the picture. If so, just a hard stomp on the other side should fix it. Design defect.

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