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Laptop Wifi Shows No Network connections

I just bought me a Dell XPS 15 (9550) and have had it for 2 weeks now. It has been working fine for me but on the 4 day, out of the blue all my driver's uninstalled themselves. I had just finished re installing them the other day and my laptop worked wonderful again.

Now the problem I have now is that after my wifi adapter driver was installed to the latest version, it won't see any network connections. I have tried re installing the driver twice now but that hasn't worked. I've even booted my laptop into safe mode but it still won't show any networks.

When I just had the laptop it worked fine and everything was running smooth but after that incident the wifi has seemed to go to craps.

And no updates took place in the meantime of this all.

And yes my network works perfectly fine for many other devices.

Can anyonebody tell me why any wifi networks are showing on my laptop?

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Hi @bleuhex ,

What is the status of the WLAN adapter in Device Manager?

If it appears OK in Device Manager, try the following checks from this link


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if you have tried the software solutions such as drivers then the only other solutions left are hardware related.

1. check that you have not accidentally switched networks off via the external switch on the sides of the laptop

2. maybe your wireless card is faulty

3. switch wires around on the wireless card black to white etc.

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I'll check that as soon as I can. But I ho early doubt changing wires would be the case due to the fact that it was working before and I haven't files with the wiring at all since I got the laptop.

Thanks as well for the advice!


I don't think my model laptop has the external wifi switch.


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