No brightness and very hard to see screen

When i 'turned on' my laptop then after few seconds around 2-3 seconds later power indicator turned off but other function were still working. Screen was also working with No brightness and very hard to see the screen. Plzz... Help me to find out the problem.

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Nilendra Sinha does the power indicator turn off when you have the computer on a AC adapter? Have you checked if an external monitor goes dark as well?


I did own this laptop for sometime and I can say that you could be dealing with either a connection issue for it or its inverter. If you can connect as above to a monitor successfully and know how to mend the laptop you can check to see if the appropriate power is getting to the backlight, cables are attached, or like my problem for some odd reason not detecting the graphics driver and my computer was just being picky. (that is never really supposed to happen, but I got mine dirt cheap)


No, power indicator keeps lighting when I have the computer on AC adapter and I have not checked the external monitor yet


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