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{A1706 / EMC 3071}—Veröffentlicht im Juni 2017. Dieses 13" Macbook Pro ist mit Kaby Lake Prozessoren bis zu 3,5 GHz Core i7 mit Turbo Boot bis zu 4,0 GHz ausgestattet.

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I spilled a sip of liquid (flat white) on my MacBook Pro TB 2017?

I accidently spill some liquid (flat white) on my Macbook pro 2017 Touchbar, luckily I had a keyboard cover which protected the keyboard, but some fell on the speakers grill (on the right side) I cleaned it right away with my fingers and napkins then put a napkin on the speakers grills, closed the lid and put the macbook upside down so it can be drained somehow with gravity, I think the napkin was very very slightly wet that it can barely be noticed after I removed it, then put a new napkin again and left it upside down till I reached home 2-3 hours later, I removed the napkin it was dry and I used a vaccum cleaner 5-10 times on the speakers and the keyboard close to it ,The macbook is working normaly till now and the speakers also are working as usual I guess, I’m really worried that there might be some damage that I can encounter later, my question is , How long should I wait to be relieved that nothing would happen ?

And also if there is something else I should do ?

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you in advance.

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To be clear this is white ceiling/wall paint.

How much did you spill? Is this a thick paint or very runny? As it turns out the speakers can be replaced and you can gain access to the inside surface of the grill


no no flat white is an espresso drink, it’s like a cappuccino, I’m not sure exactly how much but I hit the cup and it moved a bit it didn’t fall or anything I think I spilled about 3 cm3 or something, I tried the speakers volume it seems normal to me, everything seems so normal but I’m panicking that I might encounter some damage later, I tried vaccum cleaning it a few times and everything is fine till now


So you use a torch Vs a flashlight ;-}


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Hey Peter

Water damage to notebook laptops such as MacBooks aren't weighed on the amount of time it takes to dry the machine out. What really matters is how much liquid damage has occurred underneath the keyboard and the Logic Board.

You should start by removing the back of the MacBook and assessing if there is damage inside the components. Use a can of compressed air to try to get under the Logic Board, and smaller parts, but disconnect the charger and battery first to avoid unintended shock. You will also want to hold the power button for 10-15 seconds with the charger and battery disconnected to drain the excess power inside the board. Once you do this blow more compressed air throughout the components and leave the MacBook to sit with the cover off for a day or two to dry out the rest. Don't allow any pets, or obstacles to interfere as you will have a risk of further damage.

Once you believe the liquid damage has been dried out, you should first only connect the USB-C charger and see if the MacBook powers on, if this is successful, then safely shut down the Mac and reconnect your battery cable to the Logic Board to resume normal use.

Hope this helps good luck!

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No liquid at all reached the keyboard, I read somewhere here on ifixit that the speakers are cosmetic, I don’t have any experience with the new macbook interior , and I think the amount of fluid was very minimal, I’m honestly afraid to dissemble the macbook, but anyway thank you very much for your brief answer, but what I meant is that if it’s working like today and for the a couple of days more, does that mean that nothing happened or I may encounter some damage later ?


If the MacBook has been functioning normally after the occurrence, than it may have not affected anything. At least for a couple more days keep an eye on how hot it gets, and how often your fans are running


thnak you Stephen very much, I appreciate your help, I’ll do so


Awesome to hear! let us know how it works for you!!


I turned it on now and I’m playing some music to make sure the speakers aren’t cloged or anything and it seems fine, still worried though cause I read lots of warnings to turn it off right away, Do you think the vaccum cleaner might have helped if there was any residue left ? I used it again on the grills


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