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Samsung Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc and DVD player with built in Wi-Fi and front panel USB port. 2013 Model. Can be identified by the model number BD-F5900

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Does this model have a universal power supply?

I just moved to Germany from the US and brought a Samsung BD-F5900 blu ray plater with me. The device clearly states its power requirements are 60hz/110v, but so many other models are being discovered to have shipped with universal power supplies despite such markings. I was hoping to find out if the BD-F5900 is such a device or how I might go about finding out short of just rolling the dice and plugging it in.



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To answer my own question: Yes! It does!

I got antsy and opened up the unit to look around. I'm no electrician, but I have a basic understanding of what's going on power supply component wise. The power supply circuit board was clearly marked "Input 100v-250v," there were two transformers, and several of the component part numbers I googled were rated for 250v and brought up European repair websites. So I decided to roll the dice and plug it in, and sure enough it powered right up and has been running without issue for a day.

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