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The 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite was released in late 2013. The device features a 6", 212 PPI screen, wireless capabilities, and boasts a 28-hour battery life.

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Paperwhite refuses to turn on, LED blinks 4 times.

Hi, my Kindle Paperwhite suddenly stopped turning on after a full charge.

I tried resetting it (long-press power for 10, 20, 40, even up to 80 seconds) but it doesn't work.

I tried removing the battery and leaving it overnight and re-inserting. Doesn't work.

Here's the weird thing - the battery seems fine (doesn't drain overnight at 3.8V), but when it's in the device it seems to be draining quickly. The kindle isn't charging it fully even though I've left it for nearly 2 days.

When I keep the power button pressed for around 10 seconds, this happens:


But nothing after.

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I’ve had this happen a few times sadly with my Paperwhite - randomly goes completely dead and gives the 4 flashing orange leds when the power button is pressed.

I have had success by simply switching the charging cable with another I had lying around. I don’t know why it works but it’s worked both times for me. I hope this will help someone else out.

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Same problem here. I was reading my Kindle and went to make coffee and eat something. When I returned, it was in standby or so I thought. Since then, it’s doing exactly what is in the video you posted.

Did you have any luck?

P.S. It’s the model DP75SDI

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No luck, sorry! I gave up and bought a kobo. Are you the same person that commented about not having a multimeter? Which part of the world do you live in?

Long shot, but if you're in India I could ship you my old battery.


Hi! Yes, I am the same person lol.

I'd be super grateful to you if you'd send your battery but I doubt if that would help because a guy commented on your video and said that it didn't work even when he replaced the battery. What do you think? Yes, I am from India. In Delhi.


Yeah so if it isn't charging or turning on while connected to the charger then it's probably the same problem I had, and a battery change won't help. :/

If you still want to try with my battery, let me know, but I suggest you maybe check with Amazon if your warranty is recently elapsed.


Thanks again, mate. But In my anger I completely demolished it hahahaha. Like, shorting it out everywhere (not the battery but the board) :D

How is the kobo compared to Kindle?


Hahaha the joys of DIY. I had a Kobo before and I like it just because it's not a Kindle, ya know? I gifted it to my SO and it's still going strong.

I ordered a Kobo Aura off of Aliexpress and wasn't charged duty (although even with duty it's still cheaper than a Paperwhite).

So the Kobo is slightly slower than the paperwhite but I like the backlight more, and the fact that I can two-finger swipe to change intensity. Plus I can completely turn off the backlight with a dedicated button. The Kobo store is also more expensive than the kindle store but I just use Calibre to convert my existing buys. It's also unexpectedly nice to have a flush screen, feels easier to hold. Overall it's not a game-changer but I like having a rarer brand. Buy whatever is cheapest.

If you want to talk more or want the AliEx link hit me up on twitter @ my same username here.


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I have the same issue.

I took the Kindle appart and desoldered the shields and I think it is a short in the processor (MCIMX6L8DVN10AB)

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Hey Jonas, did that fix the issue? Which one of the shields houses the processor? I can see 4; guessing it's either #1 or #2?


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