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Android 4.0 tablet for children/ blue back cover and white face/ released 2012

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Forgot password need to factory reset

Hello I tried everything from holding volume down and power button to holding all 3 down it just won't reset need your help!!!

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Hi @sami02 ,

I know that you said that you tried everything, but the User manual (scroll to p.46) says to :

Press and hold simultaneously on ″Vol+″ and ″Power″ buttons until your Kurio resets.

Perhaps you didn’t hold the 2 buttons long enough.

If doing this still doesn’t work, then perhaps you could disconnect the battery from the tablet’s systemboard for a few minutes before reconnecting it to the systemboard. (You’ll need a soldering iron to do this, You only have to disconnect the battery, not remove it).

When you have the battery disconnected, hold the tablet’s Power button operated for about 30 seconds to drain any residual power from the tablet as well.

After the battery has been reconnected try starting the tablet either “normally” or by the “reset” method and see if it now works.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Kurio 7 Battery Replacement guide, which may be of some help.

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