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Sound not coming through the speaker

I got my phone screen fixed roughly a month ago. I broke the lcd screen as well so I had to pay a few hundred (which is why this is important) anyway. I went to a local repair store and got it fixed at what seemed to be a reasonable price. But a few days later while on call I noticed that my microphone didn’t work at all. The recipient could not hear a single sound. I had to use speaker phone (not good seeing as all my calls are business) And even on speaker phone they could barely hear me.

Keeping in mind I had it working right up until I had this local shop repair it for me.

I’ve went back and they’ve repair the microphone for no extra cost (because it was clear they broke it) but only now I’ve been recieving even worse audio issues. My google assistant can’t recognise my voice (I use it quite a lot) and this problem carries over to phone calls as well.

On top of this microphone issue, the speaker is so quiet! My partner has the exact same phone and I’ve put my thumb over the speaker at the bottom right of my SO’s phone and all sound was muffled whereas on my phone the audio doesn’t change in volume. Infact when I place my ear up to my phone it sounds as if the source of the noise is in the middle of the phone and not at all in the speaker at the bottom.

I haven’t tried taking it back as they have a 1 week return policy. I will attempt later today though and see if they will be helpful or if this issues were caused with malicious intent.

Any help/information as to what’s happen is greatly appreciated!

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You might want to try resetting it to default parameters, if by any mean the problem does not come from the hardware it should fix it.

If this does not work, it is possible (even though I really wish it isn’t the case) that they somehow damaged the motherboard, in which case you will probably need a new phone.

I hope I have been able to help you

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