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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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No LCD Backlight after repair

A while back we had a technician working on a Surface Pro 3.

He did a dumb and did not isolate the battery before connecting the new display and fried the backlight on the device. We tried multiple confirmed working displays and all yielded the same result: no backlight. It would seem that the problem is board-level. I am attempting repair, but since there seem to be no available boardview or schematic files available for this device, I am at a loss for where to start troubleshooting.

Has anyone attempted this repair or have insight into this problem?

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i have the same problem.any luck?


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I don’t have experience with these devices, other than an old water damaged Surface and there is essentially no information out there so I feel your pain.

Hopefully someone more informed will come around but in the meantime, can you take a good quality picture of the area near the screen connector(s)? I can take a quick scan to see if there is anything obvious.

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Block Image

Thank you for the response.

Here’s what we’ve got.

I’ve done a solid visual inspection of the board and see nothing obviously wrong.

I have also tested continuity to ground on all display pins, and have that info, but since I have no schematic or board view that doesn’t give me a whole lot to work with either.

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So CON3001 is for the LCD? Can you also share a picture of the reverse side?


@refectio I work with Sam and managed to get some higher-resolution photos. Apologies for the strange lighting and the couple sections that are out of focus. Let us know anything you need a better/closer shot on.



Nice pictures...the only problem is that there is one section that is a bit blurry on board0.png and that is the section that I need to focus on. There is a transistor that has a dark smudge (just below the two square components marked 2R2), not sure if that is a marking or a sign that it may have blown.


It looks like black Sharpie or some other marking. In the photo it looks like it could have exploded, but it's a surface marking. I can get a better picture of that area if you'd like.


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I had this same problem. It was the bridge plate between the LCD display cable and the main board. I replaced it and the backlight is working now.

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Could you elaborate on what this bridge plate is?


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