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The PSP 3000 was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008.

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Why wont my psp3001 connect to my wireless router?

I have like 17 psp games but no psp console so today I got a used one. When I went home I tried to connect it to my wireless router. When the list of routers came up after scanning for them, my router showed up in the list but said incompatible. I tried clicking on it and nothing happened. The connection speed I have is 2.4G and 5.0G but only 2.4 showed up. . All of the other routers that showed up said incompatible also .My thought is that since this version of psp playstation portable devices is almost 10 years old the wireless connector of the psp is old and not as strong as todays electronics so it cant handle the connection speed my house router has, am I right? When I lived In my old house with my psp 3001 I had before, it connected fine, but the router for my old house is just as old as the psp 3001 is. So I think that the older router put out a slower speed that the psp could handle. Am I correct? Is their any way in the settings where I can get it to connect? I need to get to the part where I put in my routers password to then proceed to connect and it wont let me. Thanks.

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Why didn't you find out in advance or look at compatibility? is there a chance to go to the store and exchange it for the right router?


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PSP WiFi is 802.11b standard, and it doesn’t support WPA2, the newest encryption it supports is WPA1. Most WiFi routers have abandoned these protocols altogether.

Some routers have greenfield 802.11n/ac mode, so it doesn’t support 802.11b/g. It can be turned off to allow legacy devices to work. Turn off WPA2 only mode and allow older encryption schemes.

This will make every device on your WiFi to be much slower and allows your WiFi to be easily hacked. Turn them back on once you are done.

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Hey ticktock623

You are correct, the PSP’s wireless card is a very old piece of technology that operates on a different language than your home router does. It is normal that the PSP wireless card is showing “Incompatible” when you attempt to connect it to your network. Your router should have whats called a “Legacy Mode”. This allows older devices such as your PSP for instants to connect to the router as would any other device, it just operates at a slower speed and connection type that the PSP can read.

After you change the configuration to allow the router to use “Legacy Mode” connect the PSP to the network. After this is successful run a software update on the system to make sure there is no outstanding updates for the OS and hardware.

Good Luck!

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Why didn't you find out in advance or look at compatibility? is there a chance to go to the store and exchange it for the right router? Many stores provide such services. Or a refund. But first, try changing the channel of your router https://192-168-1-1ip.mobi/. Maybe it's just the wrong channel. You are thinking correctly about the password. You can also try changing it. I think there was a crash, and it just doesn't see the new device. I have a similar problem. But I limited myself to changing the channel.

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