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The Dell Inspiron 15 7579 2-in-1 laptop was released in 2016 and can be identified by its model number 7579. It's a member of Dell's Inspiron 7000 series.

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I cannot unplug the battery connector


I’m trying to unplug the battery from the laptop to work inside it, but the connector just won’t come out. I’m pulling pretty hard on the cloth part of the connector, but all I manage to do is detaching the cloth from the cable.

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Did you manage to unplug the connector? Because I have the same model and looking to order a battery and replace it myself.


I eventually did, I don't really know how or why, it just finally accepted to come out. I think I might have used tweezers to grab the connector from the sides and pulled it out. What I know is that when you apply force on it at the correct angle, it is not even that hard to remove, you don't have to pull like crazy and tear the cloth like I did.


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This model has a flush type of connector. So you need to slide it out like how you would slide a letter out of a envelope (don’t pull up!) Once the connector has cleared the logic board connector you can then pull up.

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