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Die 6. Generation der Android-betriebenen Nexusreihe, konzipiert von Google, hergestellt von Huawei. Auf den Markt gekommen im Oktober 2015.

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Replaced screen, touch wont work.

I bought another nexus 6p from ebay that only said that it wouldn’t turn on at all. I swapped the screen with the digitizer into my phone because I had recently broken my screen and damaged the digitizer trying to take the phone apart to replace the battery. I’ve got it all back together now with a new battery and the new screen and digitizer and it boots and shows the google logo and then asks for my pin code but won’t register any of my touch inputs. Completely unresponsive.

Am I screwed? I took it apart again and disconnected the cables and reconnected them but same thing.

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Did you get touch working? I'm having the same problem. I ordered a new digitizer from ifixit and rushed delivery. Now the google logo boots up, but when I get to the pin code screen it doesn't register my touch. I've disconnected and reconnected cables. the buttons on the side are the only things that work. URGENT.


No I didn’t. I redid all the connections but it didnt fix the touch. Im using an iphone 6s now waiting in either the mate 20 pro, pixel 3 xl or the oneplus 6t or maybe the note 9. I gave up.


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Was the screen removed from it’s screen frame from the replacement 6P you bought from eBay to the other screen frame? Or was the logic board just swapped from one board to another?

The best way to go about this is to swap the logic boards as this is the quickest way and does not require removing or transferring any other parts such as the charging port, battery or the screen from their respective screen frames.

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I don't know which part is the logic board. I can supply pictures if that helps. I removed the glass with the digitizer (I believe that is what it is called that reads the touch and is the OLED panel also) which I think is glued to the glass, straight over to my phones frame, using all of my circuit boards and other parts. So unless you are referring to the OLED touch panel, then no, I did not swap over any boards. My screen and glass were destroyed when I pried the phone apart improperly without realizing it until it was too late. That's what made me buy a phone off ebay that wouldn't boot at all in hopes of harvesting the screen and glass for mine.

Is there a way to swap over the control board from the ebay phone? I was hoping to keep all my hardware intact because it still has all my stuff on it and this is only a 32 GB version and my original phone is the 128 GB version. This may possibly explain the touch not working if they perhaps used different hardware but I don't know about that.


This is the logic board (control board) in this linked image:


Both the boards are compatible with either screens. You can take out the old board and put your working one on. Will need to disconnect a few cables.

With working screens, taking out the screen from its frame behind is pretty hard without damaging them as they are OLED panels like you said. So it would be better to transfer the logic board instead of removing the screens.


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