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7,9 Zoll Display / Modell A1432 / Verfügbar in schwarz und weiß / Angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2012 / 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität

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ipad disabled for 24,738,978 minutes

what would solve this?

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I would try putting the iPad into “Recovery Mode” and then connecting it to iTunes. You will most likely have to restore the iPad to factory defaults, so it would be very helpful if you have a back up of the device, and to know your Apple ID and password.

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Yeah, the disabled for million minutes occurs when the date/time is reset while the iPhone is disabled for x amount of minutes.

Date and time resets when the iPad's battery is either flat or unplugged from the iPad.

Putting a working sim card in or having the iPad connected to a known Wifi network then turning the iPad on and off will fix this if set date / time automatically setting is enabled.


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