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15" HP laptop with a 2.16 GHz Intel Core2 Duo Dual-Core Mobile Processor, released in 2008.

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Laptop not turning on, DC jack has light

Hello. My laptop, an HP dv6700 does not turn on.

The power jack glows but when I press the power button, nothing happens.

Also, the 3 LED indicators, are all off when I plug in the adapter.

If the battery is connected, all 3 LEDs turn on and stay lit.

The laptop does not turn on in any way.

Anyone have a clue?


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Have you tried turning it on with the power cord plugged in, and the battery removed?

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Yes, nothing happens. The only difference is, battery installed all leds on the bottom left are always lit, when the battery is removed, all leds are turned off.


It could possibly be bad ram or CMOS battery


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