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Can I place a HTC Hero Sprint motherboard into Htc hero case?

I have a problem with a Htc Hero Europe version. I bought it second hand so I don'tknow for sure what is the problem. It restarts when on battery. It seems that if i put the battery inside it begins to heat and it smells like burn. And if i don't put the battery inside, for example put the battery apart one night and after that put tha battery back in and power up (the phone is cold) it boots up from the first try. But it only last a couple of minutes and restarts. And then it gets worse, it restarts continuously. Another thing i observed is that when connected to charger or to laptop it starts better, and it lasts, more and is stable, kind of. I opened the case and observed that it had some burned areas only in a sector. The digitizer is temperamental, the lower part won't function only if a dual touch is performes, so I think that is a digitizer problem, well known.

Now, I think that this problem can't be repared at a service point because I heard that the mother board is made from materials that are very easy distructible if you use a soldering hammer.

So I guess I need to replace it, the problem is that i don't find any, but one on ebay, a HTC sprint version motherboard. Can that motherboard fit into my case? HTC Hero for europe has that chin.

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No, the motherboards are different. Also, the Sprint Hero uses CDMA wireless technology, and the European Hero uses GSM wireless technology, so your phone wouldn't work on your network, assuming that you actually could transplant the motherboards.

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