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APS-C mirrorless digital camera announced in February 2014. The Alpha 6000 can take pictures up to 24.3MP, and video at 1080p60. Also known as the Sony α6000.

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Shutter Button Fell off

My shutter Button of my Sony a6300 Fell off. The camera is still working without Problems. What can I Do? Where do I get a New Button?

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I had the same problem and just clipped it back in. seems fine.


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They make these little stickers that you can put on…


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Thank you for the Quick response. Isn't it a Problem, if the original Cover of the Button is missing?


I'm not 100% sure. I can't seem to locate just a button, but Sony does replace the top case which has the shutter.



Here's Sony's main parts page that directs to their two official after market distributors.



Thank you. But this is the oart for the Sony a6000. Do xou have the number of the same part for the a6300?


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