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Auch bekannt als das Samsung on5 (2016) mit der Modellnummer G-570. Es verfügt über ein schmales Metallgehäuse mit Corning Gorilla Glas sowie einem Exynos 7570 Quad Chipset.

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How can I turn on my phone?

i was using instagram and my phone turned off suddenly. now it is not turning on even with volume up and home button and power button method. it do not on red flash light when i charge it.help me please

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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Try putting it in Download Mode, Vol Down + Home + Power Button. The screen should go Blue-Green background or, rarely Black with text.

Read the screen and see which key is to restart (typically vol down) and see if that works.

Otherwise you phone may have an internal issue and need to see the current flow and find the culprit.

IF your phone has gotten wet, then there is a chance that the water inside created an issue.

good luck

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i have done that and nothing seems to work


Thank you so much.

This was a great help for me... no words!!

It had been hours working on phone.finally happened to read this.

God bless


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As i see your phone is not turn on

some time this happen due to over use you phone your battery reached in almost dead state.

At that time you have to give a shock your phone battery via another recharge battery and when your phone battery have some charge to turn on your indicates then plug in into charger Then your phone automatically comes into charging position.

If this doesn’t work try to contact the service center, it might have some internal issues of hardware.

Hope this will help you


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