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HP Photosmart 2575 is an all-in-one inkjet printer.

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My printer is showing error

printer is showing Error 07674dd6

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I found a spanish language web page with a work around for this that may or may not work for you. I ran it through google translate which can of course give very mixed results at times. This translation looks pretty good for the most part but no guarantees….

Good morning everyone 

I share the following experience. 

My hp 2575 printer worked normally and one day out of nowhere I saw a blue screen like windows  Marking the error "0x07674dd6" followed by the following line "1895.lib_barracuda.c" try turning off and turning on the equipment but this did not solve the problem, after several days I managed to reset the equipment as follows: 

1. Remove the cartridges with the equipment turned off leaving the head on the right side. 

  • I do not know if the head position influences anything, but I share them anyway. 

2. Disconnect all cables from the printer and only leave the power supply. 

3. Verify that this cable is properly connected. 

4. Now comes the good, pressing the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons connect the printer to the power without releasing the buttons will observe that when you turn on shows a flash or a flash of several colors, before releasing the buttons wait to turn off the equipment only 

  • / rays after this step did not turn on my printer I worried for a few minutes until I realized that accidentally pulled the power cord being disconnected just connect it again    / * hehe let's continue 

5. Once the equipment is turned off but still connected to the power supply, we move the head to the left side, I repeat, I do not know if this of the head influences something. 

6. We turn on the equipment and it will ask us for the language configuration, we select the desired one. 

7. Ask us to insert the cartridges for alignment. 

8. Possibly leave an error related to the "keyboard" or something like that. we just turn off and turn on the equipment and that's it. Otherwise, if it does not work, we reset it again as in step 4. 

My equipment is ready to work again. 

Greetings and comment.

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