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Der eMac war ein alles-in-einem, auf G4 basierender Mac, der für den Bildungsmarkt konzipiert wurde. Es war der letzte Mac, der über ein CRT Display verfügte, und er wurde zu günstigen Preisen an Schulen und andere Einrichtungen verkauft.

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Is my eMac missing a jumper?

I just bought an eMac from a local thrift shop. On the box it said it used European power and came with an Apple European two pronged chord but on the machine itself it says 120V near the serial number and on the bottom access door. When I plug it in to my American outlet and turn it on, nothing happens so I am guessing it is true that it was somehow set to use 220V.

I have been referring to a service manual online, but my computer is a different variation (it is the 1.25 GHz USB 2.0 model). Mine does look the same as the one in the ifixit guide though. I am pretty sure I need a jumper somewhere, but there is only one photo on the ifixit guide of the spot I need to look at, but the spot I need is obscured. Can anyone take a photo of the board (not the logic board, but the huge circuit board under the CRT) where the power cable connects? I’m referring to the spot in the guide where the blue and brown wires from the power socket connect to the board with a white plug. If you’re looking at the eMac from the top front, its to the left of the CRT neck.

Here is what mine looks like:

Block Image


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@nabru50 give us all the numbers from the back of your eMac so we can determine exactly what model you have.


Model No: A1002




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it will work much better if you post some pictures of what you are looking for. that way we do not need to guess. this is the information I got:

Table 1: Jumper Settings

Voltage / Voltage Jumper /LHR Jumper

110 V /Jumper is on /Jumper is on

220 V /Jumper is off /jumper is on

220 V /Jumper is off /Jumper is off, LHR module installed

with LHR module

Block Image

Block Image

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This does look like mine. I am missing the voltage jumper with 2 pins. Any idea where I could get one?


@nabru50 P902? I would just temporarily try with a cable with alligator clips. See what happens


That did it. It still wouldn't work at first, but I pressed the power button multiple times and it eventually kicks on after 2-3 presses. Thanks!


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