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Vending machine: How to update for new £1 coins?

I'm currently transferring to a new role which includes managing a vending machine. In the UK we adopted a new £1 coin a few years ago but no one ever updated our vending machine to accept them.

The vending machine machine has a Cashflow 690 coin mechanism made by Mars and I have checked the operating manual but couldn't find a solution. I checked their website for guidance and found instructions to disable old £1 coins, but no advice for getting the new coins to work. When I tried inserting the new £1 coin no information appeared on the display so I guess its not recognised.

Are there any vending machine experts out there who know a solution to program in the new £1 coin's information using the buttons on the coin mechanism?

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@jakeagoldsmith just looked through the old field engineers manual for the 690 mechanism. It appears that if you disable the £1 coin, it will not matter if it is old or new. It just won't take it. Try to enable it and see if you can now use the old and the new coin. It looks like the mechanism will not be able to distinguish between old and new. So, the smartest way is to disable all of them so you do not get stuck with a bunch of old £1 coins.

I do not know how similar in size and composition the old and new coins are but I would think that eventually Mars will have to redesign and upgrade the mechanism

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Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, the coins are very different so the machine doesn't recognise the new coins at all. However, from my understanding of the mechanism it digitally measures the size of the coins so I'm wondering if there is a way to reassign the coin definitions to the new specifications


@jakeagoldsmith I guess until Mars comes up with a new mechanism or new firmware, your vending machines are just not going to accept the £1 coin.


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Hi, I realise this is a considerably late answer to your question - but you should send your 690 to a service centre. They can install the latest version of the coinset for you. In the case of a 690, MEI (now CPI) have listed it as obsolete for a long time now, but they did release a coinset that has the new £1 on it. It’s programmed as a seperate coin to the old £1 and so the old £1 can be inhibited seperately to the new £1. You can find on the CPI website their approved service centres in the UK. I work for one and so could only provide biased info on who to send to for reprogramming

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