Completely no audio output.

I have had my HyperX Cloud 2 headset for quite a while and the warranty has ran out, so I can't do that, but I was wondering if at all can you/ how to fix this. I was just watching a video on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) and all of a sudden the audio quality dropped as if it was played through a speaker and back through a microphone, aswell as most sounds being very quiet, I tested this on everything I could to make sure that it was a problem with the headphones and it has been bugging me since, anybody know how this has happened and how to fix it? I have a feeling it is a problem with the jack as it has happened to a cheap pair of earphones that I had in the past and to get them to work I had to rotate the connector to a certain point. EDIT: About 2 hours later after the first error occurred the headphones have completely stopped working.

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