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Frigidaire freezer working part time

I got a Frigidaire from Lowe’s in 2015 and it stopped working the other day. Removed and set it on the trailer to haul off later in the week. Just for fun, I plugged it in a couple days later and it powered on. It began to run. Later that afternoon it was freezing. The next day, not working again. The light comes on inside the freezer. The little green light on the bottom exterior of the freezer comes on when it is freezing. Any ideas? 37 months is not what I expect from a $600 21cf Frigidaire

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I have the same problem but get a message on outside temp regulator that door is open (door has a good seal). But like yours, mine works sometimes and then it stops. Note. The last time it was off I heard soft click & beginning of motor starting. It did this twice rapidly but did not come on. When I leave unplugged for couple of hours then plug back in, it works again. Frigidaire Upright - 10 years old.


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