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RCA Android tablet, identified by model number RCA RCT6303W87.

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Why does Bluetooth not send or receive

Bluetooth does not send or receive

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The only reason it wouldn't, would be if you weren't paired with another device. Try to explain if you have turned bluetooth on, are you visable, did you pair, ect. You should have recieved a file aborted/undelivered notification.


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Hi @drfwd ,

Does the WiFi function work OK?

If not try placing the tablet right next to a WiFi access point, e.g. a wireless router and check if it now works OK

If it now works OK, perhaps you can check the BT the same way with a BT source.

Just wondering if it may be a loose antenna connection, as they share the same antenna.

If it appears that it may be a loose antenna connection, here’s a link to a video that shows how to replace the digitizer in your tablet. I realize that this is not your problem but the video is useful as it shows how to open your tablet so that the antenna connection can be checked. At 4:49 minutes into the video the antenna (grey cable) is clearly visible.

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Taking the back off is easy, have you done so is the question. The wifi/bluetooth antenna defined: There are 5 very small pads (the size of a pinky nail), that connect to a piece of copper foil (glued to the backing), which are the antenna components inside the device. If you haven’t opened the device, And somehow these pads came loose you can shake the device and hear them rattle around (it’s pretty much the only things that could),

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