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2008 netbook; Model ZG5 AOA150-1691; 8.5" screen; 1.6 GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor

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do we have driver softhware for this model?

where can I buy the driver software of this device

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Hi Irineo!

First - NEVER pay for drivers. Almost every manufacturer has them available for download for free! :)

For the drivers you need, click here.



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thank you joshua i tried to go to their website acer but they told me no more drivers for this kind of model coz it is an old one,the os is an xp home ,, if you have the driver can i buy it ?


Unfortunately, I do not have the driver. If I did I would just give it to you my friend! One thing I would suggest - look for a program called Snappy Driver. It is FREE and has A LOT of drivers (over 10,000) built in. Great software.


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