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Entry level Photosmart printer introduced in 2009. Uses HP Tri-Color ink cartridges with a disposable printhead.

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Scan Failure on second attempt.

I can print one copy after I turn the printer on. A second attemp will give me a “Scan Failure”. I restart the printer and the same thing happens. If I try to Scan, I get the overview ok but The scan failure comes up if I try to scan. I looks like the scanner is not returning to the idle position after a first scan.

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It sounds like your reading head for your scanner is not returning to it’s “home” position. If you are halfway not fumble-fingered like me, you can gin entry by usually removing the top glass. You should be able to get the head into it’s '‘home” position and check the cogged belt that moves it to determine if the belt just jumped a notch or if you have worn belt or stepper-motor problems. Check for a mark on the belt made by a marker at the factory when your unit was first set up. This will help you determine what’s going on. If it checks out mechanically, try reloading your driver software for the HP. And be careful around any of the printer’s so-called “secure” home pages for software downloading—-they seem to be a heavily targeted area for con artists with their own software and programs.

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