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Vierte iPad Generation mit GSM, erhältlich seit dem 2. November 2012 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modellnummerb A1459.

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New ifixit touchscreen fails on ipad 4 gsm

ipad 4 gsm :

replaced touchscreen with ifixit touchscreen and home button works but the touchscreen doesn't function at all. The digitizer seems to work fine. I think the touch screen is bad or I'm not getting the ribbon cable back in correctly for touchscreen. Can I test the touchscreen without installing it? Is the touchscreen independent of the digitizer ? The one issue I have is the touchscreen ribbon cable will not sit passively like the oem and thus the touchscreen does not passively seat even though the cable is connected.

There are plenty of how to videos to break down but "just reverse the steps to put back together " makes actual repair without expert help very difficult.

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You can test touch screen without fully installing it onto the iPad, plugging the ribbon cable in will let the touch screen function normally if it’s not faulty.

The glass and the touch screen layer together make up the digitizer.

The cable has dotted lines near the connector end to tell you how much the cables should be seated in the connector, it should be close to behind the line and not past it. Shouldn’t take too much effort to push the ribbon cable in fully.

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