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Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016. Modelbezeichnung 1660, 1778. Verfügbar in den Versionen: GSM oder CDMA / 32, 128 oder 256GB / Rosé Gold, Gold, Silber, Mattschwarz oder Hochglanz-Schwarz

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Restore successful but boot loop


So i get this iPhone 7 on my desk, with water damage, very light corrosion here and there, cleaned and replaced the caps who seemed damaged, now the phone charges normaly (~1A on a 1A charger).

The iPhone turns on and after ~5 second resets itself, so i thought i might be the iOS that is the problem, so i restored with iTunes to latest version, all went well no errors the screen was lit the entire time with the Apple logo and the progress bar. After the restore finished, the iPhone went down and turned back on, but still the boot loop after ~5 seconds.

I repalaced/rebaled the Tristar and Audio IC’s also measured all the relevant main voltages. Also tried to turn on the phone without all the flexes… still boot loop.

Any hints?

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Short boot-loop is usually BB related but with a water damaged phone, who knows, it could be anything. did you remove the shields when you did the decontamination?

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I removed the shields and cleaned everything but no corrosion what so ever. If it where a BB related problem would it not trigger a restore error? I had this kind of a problem before with a iPhone 7 where the problem was a defective/water damaged proxy flex...


I agree, BB issues should give an error code during restore but when faced with no answers, you have to try something :>).


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Hello, did you solve problem? I have same issue, little corrosion, bootloop, when i resolder audio with jumper does not help :) yeah and restore without error

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