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The TJ series of Wranglers from the years of 1997-2006.

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How to rebuild Front Driveshaft?

In particular - the Cardon Joint?

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@jjm123 how about an exact year? Engine size? transmission? What happened to your driveshaft?


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@jjm123  this should work for your driveline as well. Jeep-Wrangler-driveline.pdf

Let us know all the other information we need so that we can be more specific etc.

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LOL - At first I had to make sure this was for a 2004 Wrangler 4 wheel drive after seeing Propeller Shaft mentioned. Not as detailed as some others descriptions I’ve found but helpful. After 140,000 miles appears the centering yoke ball has worn enough to cause vibration when shaft is installed. Thanks.


@jjm123 yeah typical original Jeep service manuals are starting to be a bit vague. Hope it works out for you!

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