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The Toyota Matrix is a compact hatchback derived from the Toyota Corolla. Introduced in 2002 as a 2003 model, the Matrix is the result of a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, with the GM version sold under the Pontiac Vibe name.

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How do I get to the switch to the blower motor behind the dashboard?

I had a mechanic put in a new blower motor because the old one stopped working.

Now the new one works sometimes and sometimes not.

Is there a fuse, a switch, a resistor that can be checked? Where are they? How do I access them?

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Hi Sally. An intermittent issue with the blower motor isn’t likely to be caused by a blown fuse. When it doesn’t work does there seem to be any pattern to it? Try all your speeds. Does it only work on high speed? Everything but high speed? If you have a situation where the only speed that works is “high” then your resister is probably faulty, and it should be located somewhere on the evaporator housing, accessible from either under the dash or under the hood. If the only non-working speed is “high,” then suspect the blower motor relay. It could also be a loose connection from when the previous tech installed the new blower motor. Let me know what happens when you try your different speeds and I’ll try and direct you further. Good luck!

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