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The 2004-2008 F-150 truck was introduced in January 2003 for the 2004 model year as the redesigned eleventh generation of the F-150 lineup.

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Bearing-like Noise that has caused me to change transmission 3 times

2005 F-150 LARIAT TRINTON 5,4L V8 Automatic 4x4: I have this noise that sounds like a really bad bearing sound that hasn’t been able to be detected by over 5 mechanics and has caused us to dismantle 3 fresh transmissions without success - Sound occurs first starting after 7 minutes, reduces while driving. I can upload the sound recording if i have an avenue to. I really need your help as i have spent thousands of $USD to no avail! Thanks a million guys!

Please see YouTube video :


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Need more info:

Manual or Automatic transmission?

Does it make the sound sitting parked with engine running?

If you have the engine running but in neutral and drifting downhill is the sound still there?

Does the pitch of the sound change under varied conditions?


Thanks Charlie , it's an auto transmission, sound begins after 5 minutes of cold-start, reduces during driving ,disappears after 15minutes of driving, even when parked with engine running; the pitch doesn't increase at any time.


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When you raise the RPM does the pitch of the noise increase? Also what lead the mechanic to believe it was the transmission? Are there any drivability problems? Does the sound seem to be coming from that part of the truck or more towards the front?

To me that sounds very similar to a pulley bearing. Get a mechanic’s stethoscope and see if you can narrow down where the sound seems to be coming from.

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Thanks Travis! The pitch doesn't increase when i raise the RPM. The mechanic assumed the noise came from inside the gear but with the replacement of a first gear and the mounting/ dismantling of a second plus the current third gear (transmission) the noise doesn't seem to go away. The sound comes up in 5 minutes after cold-start last till 10 minutes after driving it doesn't affect drivability and greatly almost disappears after long time of driving even when stationary with the engine running. PLEASE ANY HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE DEARLY APPRECIATED ,THANKS A MILLION!


When the mechanic changed out the transmissions, do you know if he also replaced the torque converter? Has he checked the transfer case?

Does the sound change at all when you turn the steering wheel? Check and make sure your power steering fluid isn't low.


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KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid. So let's back up and slowwwwww down. Now this is just basic checks to eliminate possibles. You have a bearing going out you can hear it till it starts heating up then when it's as hot as it can get it quiets down. You can run it till the noise starts or check it cold. If you run it till the noise starts you can check it by touching the center of your pulleys to see if one is getting hot. CAUTION!!! Blistering your fingers could result. But I suggest while it's cold take the serpentine belt off and spin and wiggle all the pulleys by hand except the crank (biggest pulley bottom center). Even cold you should be able to feel movement(wiggle) and hear(spinning by hand) noise from the problem pulley. To guess I would say it sounds like the lower idler pulley. Is your a.c. pump on the bottom passenger side of the motor? Dose the sound change when you turn the a.c. on and off?

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